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Welcome to TOP Photography!  Despite the name, we are actually a group of humble people, armed with over half a decade of photography experience, a handful of wedding photography awards, a tad crazy sometimes and see photography as a mean of documenting stories of people in love.  When we say stories, we mean real stories.  That means, we do not tell fairytales…unfortunately.

For pre-wedding photography, we are not looking at images of just you looking great in the most exotic locations.  We’ll like the images to show your personalities and your love story with our creative minds and years of photography experience. So share your story with us and see what we can do for you.

On actual wedding day celebrations, we seek to capture real and uncontrieved moments in our wedding day photography.   As an old saying goes in our own words, the most beautiful flowers will wither and the best food will be digested but the precious moments captured in images will stay for a lifetime or many.  These real moments may not come pretty all the time but we can assure you that these images will be the ones that you will treasure most in years to come.

If you believe in telling your true love story in your wedding photography, you are looking for TOP’s photographers.

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