Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to be the day that sums up all your thoughts and efforts in your wedding preparations. It usually begins with preparation works followed by a gate-crashing session (likely if you are a Chinese) and tea ceremonies. You might also be holding a church or solemnization ceremony along the way and it ends with a lunch or dinner banquet.
No matter how you would like your wedding to be, begin to visualize how you would like your wedding to be before you head out to search for the ideal venue, gowns, florists and various wedding service providers to materialize your ideas.
With all the effort put in, your wedding photographer will play a crucial role to document your wedding in its full splendor. Though many would aim to capture the prettiest images of the wedding, TOP’s photographers prefer to take heart to capture the real un-posed moments as well because we find a greater meaning to that. This means that we do not request you to act out or redo any moments at all.
From cheerful parents shedding tears while veiling the bride, the serious grandparent cracking a joke during the tea ceremony to the serious groom laughing at his own ordeal during the gatecrash or even curious looks of children during long church ceremonies , these are precious moments will be treasured for a long time.
If you would like your captured wedding day moments to be as real as they can get, your search for your ideal wedding day photographer will end at TOP Photography.
Not convinced? Visit our galleries to see what we mean.
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