Happy New Year 2015!

Another fruitful year. 2014 has been pretty awesome for us. Our exposure at an international photography seminar paid off, resulting in upgraded technical skills and richer images being captured. Tying in with our philosophy, this enabled us to deliver not just event images, but precious meaningful moments that tells a unique story for each client. Through these interactions, pre-wedding led to weddings, then maternity and newborn shoots, we have grown along with our clients and many turned into great friends who remember us during their anniversary celebrations. We are thankful for all these that keep our passion burning in this competitive photography industry.

This year would not have been possible if the initial trust and opportunity is not presented to us by you. Drawing to a close for 2014, we at Top Photography would like to thank all of you for your support and here’s wishing everyone a great 2015!


TOP Photography Team
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