Let’s put our hands together for the bride and groom!

After several rounds of ‘tests’, it is proven that the days of clear march-in aisles during church weddings and wedding banquets are gone with the introduction of cheap digital photography.

Consider putting your hands together to welcome and encourage the couple instead? Leave the photography to us.

This not only allow us as the official photographers to get the best shots with lesser obstructions, it also helps to create a more appealing background (without non official photographers) shooting directly opposite the frame.

We always feel that great memories of the couples are best remembered when everyone are there to give their heartfelt blessings instead of holding up the camera for most parts of the celebration.

We tend to be as unobstrusive as possible while covering the ceremonies so as to provide minimum distraction to the couple and the guests. By having more unofficial photographers hovering around the couple during ceremonies, it not only distract the couple, they might be blocking the views of other guests who are eager to view the ceremony from their seats.

So give it a thought the next time you decide to go around taking pictures during a ceremony.

TOP Photography Team

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