Local Pre-Wedding of Anthony & Dijia

Time and again when you get to flip the pre-wedding albums of others, you might be able to recognise the locations where the shot was taken and relate it to another couple’s shot done at the same spot.  Not to skive on our work, but at some wedding day photography shoots, we observed how some friends or relatives stop at the album to guess where the shots were taken.  Even for pre-wedding done overseas, many can even recognise the little blue boat house in Perth already!
We’ve been getting alot of requests to shoot couples’ pre-weddings at popular local locations like Marina Barage, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens and Fullerton area.  But for this shoot for Anthony and Dijia, we’ve decided to avoid those places totally.  We looked for the forgotten corners of Singapore as the background of the shoot, convinced our dear couple to shoot there and off we go.
At the end of the day, we were unable to cover all the locations we have in mind but the end results is still as nostalgic as it can get.
Here are 2 shots of them at a location which holds lots of our childhood memories.  No prize for guessing where it is though.  ;)

TOP Photography Team

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