Valentine’s Day

In the mood of Post-Valentine’s Day? Here’s one shot with some ‘BIG Love’!

To some, Valentine’s day is just another day that flowers and set meals are sold at multiples of their usual price. Some couples decided that it is the best day to say their wedding vows to spend their lives together as man and wife. Many others might have attempted their marriage proposal to their partners.

We came across one of our peers whom we had lunch with yestherday (V-Day). We talked about work, life and love and what we will be doing on Valentine’s day’s evening. Our peer got flustered and told us that she was suspecting that one of her long time friend who might be proposing to her to be his girlfriend. We have not followed up on whether that really happened, but we certainly hope it all went awesome for them.

So how did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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