WPJA Q4 2013 Award

We are pleased to announce that we’ve bagged 2 awards in the latest WPJA Q4 2013 (www.wpja.com) contest! There are about 23,000 entries in this contest and 2 of our journalistic images of real moments caught the eye of the judges.

This brings us to a total of 6 awards from WPJA in 2013.

Judge’s comment: I must admit, it’s more fun to make a toast when there’s wine in the glass. But this hapless young man, surrounded by festivity, seems to be making a toast to a different idea – to be anywhere but here. Nonetheless, he provides the anchor to this lovely image.
Judge’s comment: If only I could see what created this surge, this torrent of emotion. It’s a mystery. I love a good mystery but I like a good photo even more. This image satisfies both of my desires.
TOP Photography Team

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