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Happy Fathers’ Day

It’s the day to commend the efforts of all fathers again.

We as wedding photographers get to meet the fathers of the different bride and grooms all the time. Some are quiet and solemn, often offering silent support to their child who is getting married. They come upon to help when needed and stay in the background in other times. Some are jovial and happy, lending the wedding day much joy and laughter.

Being Asians, I believe we are more apprehensive to express our emotions and gratitude to our elders. However, emotions tend to flow better on during the thank you speeches at wedding banquets. That is where we know a little more of the couples’ fathers and how they have played a big role in their lives. Tears and emotions may flow sometimes. It is also through wedding photography that we get to immortalize these moments which made our makes what we do much more valuable.

Though it should be this good every other day, but on this official Fathers’ Day, we would like to just give a shout out to all the daddies that you are a awesome in your own way.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

TOP Photography Team

Valentine’s Day

In the mood of Post-Valentine’s Day? Here’s one shot with some ‘BIG Love’!

To some, Valentine’s day is just another day that flowers and set meals are sold at multiples of their usual price. Some couples decided that it is the best day to say their wedding vows to spend their lives together as man and wife. Many others might have attempted their marriage proposal to their partners.

We came across one of our peers whom we had lunch with yestherday (V-Day). We talked about work, life and love and what we will be doing on Valentine’s day’s evening. Our peer got flustered and told us that she was suspecting that one of her long time friend who might be proposing to her to be his girlfriend. We have not followed up on whether that really happened, but we certainly hope it all went awesome for them.

So how did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

TOP Photography Team

Happy Lunar New Year!

A year had passed again and it’s time for one of the most important traditional holidays for us Chinese again.

Though we do not have festive moods as strong the other Chinese based countries, we still have plenty of bak kwa, pineapple tarts, love letters and all the sinful stuff to indulge in. So eat, drink, be merry and worry about the weight later!

To our past couples…Too bad, no more ang pow for you and time to give some.

No matter how, we at TOP Photography would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! Joy, health and wealth to everyone! ;) For our non chinese friends, hope you will enjoy the break too.

TOP Photography Team

Let’s put our hands together for the bride and groom!

After several rounds of ‘tests’, it is proven that the days of clear march-in aisles during church weddings and wedding banquets are gone with the introduction of cheap digital photography.

Consider putting your hands together to welcome and encourage the couple instead? Leave the photography to us.

This not only allow us as the official photographers to get the best shots with lesser obstructions, it also helps to create a more appealing background (without non official photographers) shooting directly opposite the frame.

We always feel that great memories of the couples are best remembered when everyone are there to give their heartfelt blessings instead of holding up the camera for most parts of the celebration.

We tend to be as unobstrusive as possible while covering the ceremonies so as to provide minimum distraction to the couple and the guests. By having more unofficial photographers hovering around the couple during ceremonies, it not only distract the couple, they might be blocking the views of other guests who are eager to view the ceremony from their seats.

So give it a thought the next time you decide to go around taking pictures during a ceremony.

TOP Photography Team

Auld Lang Syne. Good Bye 2012 and Hello 2013

What a year for us and it simply just blew past quickly. A lot of things happened during this year with a good share of ups and downs.

One of the most significant event is our transition to start anew from 1950 Photography to TOP Photography just barely 3 months ago. That allowed to continue our more effective emphasis on our philosophy to create simple, real and honest images in our wedding photography with literally no posing.

Being in the industry for over 7 years, we had been through periods when certain trends in photography were popular and extremely sellable. However, we stuck on to our principles and philosophies and to not follow the trends for the sake of selling our services (we did the same this year). It always seemed like we are moving against the flow and it can test our faith at times but we are happy to have couples who believed in what we do to engage us. We’ll like to thank all of you (you know who you are) for that!

Looking forward in 2013, we are going to offer better coverages of weddings with 2 photographers. That will also allow us to create images which do not just tell stories but with even better aesthetics. Also expect our plans for overseas bridal shoots along the way. There will also be new tie ups with industry vendors so as to offer a more comprehensive experience for our customers.

So 2013 is a year to look forward to with TOP Photography taking off in fuller swing. We thank you once again for your support in the past months while we face the challenges to kick-start TOP Photography and we hope 2013 will be even better for everyone!

Here’s wishing everyone a HAPPY 2013!

Best Wishes from the TOP Photography Team

Local Pre-Wedding of Anthony & Dijia

Time and again when you get to flip the pre-wedding albums of others, you might be able to recognise the locations where the shot was taken and relate it to another couple’s shot done at the same spot.  Not to skive on our work, but at some wedding day photography shoots, we observed how some friends or relatives stop at the album to guess where the shots were taken.  Even for pre-wedding done overseas, many can even recognise the little blue boat house in Perth already!
We’ve been getting alot of requests to shoot couples’ pre-weddings at popular local locations like Marina Barage, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens and Fullerton area.  But for this shoot for Anthony and Dijia, we’ve decided to avoid those places totally.  We looked for the forgotten corners of Singapore as the background of the shoot, convinced our dear couple to shoot there and off we go.
At the end of the day, we were unable to cover all the locations we have in mind but the end results is still as nostalgic as it can get.
Here are 2 shots of them at a location which holds lots of our childhood memories.  No prize for guessing where it is though.  ;)

TOP Photography Team