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Why wear the wedding ring on the 4th finger?

We have some couples asking us why they should wear their wedding ring on the forth finger. Honestly, we didn’t know the answer till we come across this short clip. How enlightening. :)

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Moments in Wedding Day Photography?

“Moments”.  A very common term used by photographers (both journalistic and traditional) all round the world.

Here in this simple article, we hope to set you thinking about what you consider as moments that matters to you on your wedding day.

First of all, give yourself a few minutes to think about your perception of moments in wedding day photography.  If that sounds too technical, try thinking about what you would like your wedding day photos to show.  *Tick tock tick tock…take your time and don’t read on till you are done with this part*

Next think about how these photographed moments will piece together and how it will let you recall the memories of your wedding day.

Does it help you recall the time when your parents come peeping into your room when you were being dolled up by your makeup artist?  Does it help you recall how you actually felt when you finally get to see each other through the opened door after the gatecrash session?   Does it help you recall the spontaneous hug that your parents gave you that day even though they have never shown their emotional side all these years?  Does it help you recall how your bridesmaids flock in spontaneously to help you with your wedding gown when you needed them around?

Now picture yourself in the photos of these scenes.  Would you like to recall them as genuine moments of your loved ones coming to you in the most sincere manner?  Or would you like to recall the memories of your photographer directing you and your loved ones to enact the scenes to get each of the great shots?

We shall leave you to draw your conclusions and views from here, but we do hope it sets you in looking beyond the aesthetics in wedding day photography and towards looking into the meaning of it all again.

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