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Japan Pre-Wedding Promotion 2015

Yes, we will be back in Japan in 2015. We love Japan so much that we have decided to offer our Pre-wedding Photography service not only in Tokyo, but Kyoto, Osaka and Nara as well. With our Japanese speaking makeup artist, you won’t have to worry about the language barrier. Let us play a part, to share your wonderful love journey in Japan this coming March. Drop us an email at to find out what’s in store or call us directly at +65 9877 9805.

Japan Pre-wed 2015s

TOP Photography Team

Bali Pre-Wedding Promotion

We are going to Bali in late Aug 2014. Email us at to check out what’s in store for you!
Bali Pre-wed 2014s
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Engagement Photoshoot in Tokyo

Stunning plum and cherry blossoms with cool weather.
Piping hot ramen and fresh melt-in-your mouth sushi direct from its origin.
Latest fashion trends from the streets of Shibuya and Ginza.
A holiday in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun.
What more can one ask for?

Let us play a part in your love story and capture your beautiful memories.


TOP Photography Team

Tokyo Pre-wedding Promotion 2014

Yes, you are right, TOP Photography are going to Japan in 2014 again. This time round, we are willing to explore places outskirts of Tokyo (eg. Nikko)!

If that doesn’t excite you, you will also have the option to rent a traditional kimono wear for your shoot with our latest collaboration with a company in Japan.

If you are looking for an oversea pre-wedding package to Japan that at a very affordable rate, drop us an email at for more details! We have a special rate for shoots during Jan – mid March 2014.

Tokyo Pre-wed

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Post-Wedding Photography in Ipoh

We are back from Ipoh. What a blast we have there!

It was planned as a discovery trip with some photography along the way and to try out some of the renowned Ipoh food.

So what we didn’t expect is, we’ve spent much much much more time eating that planned. Other than photographing, we were eating and drinking. There are just too much nice stuff to eat there.

That aside, we also had so much fun photographing with Stephen and Chloe and they also brought us around Ipoh. We went with no concrete plans on the photography. It was ‘anything goes’ to the extent that we had Chloe in cheong sum while Stephen was in smart casual. Well, there are no rules to fun and enjoyment right?

So here you go, a very quick edit. :)

TOP Photography Team

Hello Ipoh!

Greetings! We’ll be heading to the land of white coffee, Ipoh till Sunday(4th Aug 2013) and might not be able to take calls. However, we’ll still be contactable via email (

Hope to have some good food, good coffee and will bring back interesting post-wedding photos of our clients turned friends. Stay tuned!

TOP Photography Team

Bye Bye Singapore and Hello Tokyo

We’ll be out of Singapore till 8 April 2013 and might not be able to take calls. We’ll still be able to reply emails ( and whatsapp though.

Where are we going? To the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

This trip had been planned for quite a while and we had been looking forward to it. We’ve been there for holidays for our past trips but this time, we are having a couple with us for a bridal overseas pre-wedding shoot. Pretty exciting as it’ll be our inaugural bridal shoot in Tokyo city.

News of the early blooming sakura in Tokyo did seem worrying at first, prompting us that we might be missing the full bloom season. However, we’ve decided to take it in stride and we’ll just make the best out of the season to shoot (with or without the sakura blooms).

We’ll try to share some images when we have opportunities there ok.

Meanwhile, bye bye Singapore and Hello Tokyo!

TOP Photography Team

Overseas Pre-wedding in Tokyo Promotion

TOP Photography is pleased to announce our inaugural Japan pre-wedding promotion package.  Focusing mainly in Tokyo this time, expect a good mix of photography on the sophisticated city streets, temples with a cultural touch and sakura in bloom!  All these will be done in the spring season with the nice cooling temperature.

If that doesn’t excite you, we are offering the all-in package at an unbelievable price. That includes your wedding gowns and suits, makeup and hair styling, album and all the airfare and accommodation costs of our crews.  All you need to arrange for are your own air tickets and accommodation.

If you are looking for an oversea pre-wedding package to Japan that won’t cost you very much more, drop us an email at for more details!