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Happy Fathers’ Day

It’s the day to commend the efforts of all fathers again.

We as wedding photographers get to meet the fathers of the different bride and grooms all the time. Some are quiet and solemn, often offering silent support to their child who is getting married. They come upon to help when needed and stay in the background in other times. Some are jovial and happy, lending the wedding day much joy and laughter.

Being Asians, I believe we are more apprehensive to express our emotions and gratitude to our elders. However, emotions tend to flow better on during the thank you speeches at wedding banquets. That is where we know a little more of the couples’ fathers and how they have played a big role in their lives. Tears and emotions may flow sometimes. It is also through wedding photography that we get to immortalize these moments which made our makes what we do much more valuable.

Though it should be this good every other day, but on this official Fathers’ Day, we would like to just give a shout out to all the daddies that you are a awesome in your own way.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

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Actual Day Wedding of Disheng & Kumiko

Finally, the mid year peak wedding period is here again. We kick started it with a wonderful morning at Swissotel shooting for Disheng and Kumiko’s first leg of their 2 part wedding in Singapore, with their next leg of wedding in Japan.

We got to know how they knew each other through their bosses who actually flew in from Tokyo and Sydney just to attend their celebration. It was a casual introduction that they made and they never knew Disheng and Kumiko’s relationship will go as far as marriage. Now talk about fate.

A rare late start at 8am is definitely a great treat for us and their super nice families and friends made it so much a great photography experience. An interesting gate crashing session (specially planned by the bride herself) sure brought quite a bit of laughter. A short outdoor photography session with their wedding entourage with our CBD skyline as a backdrop should add a nice Singaporean touch when she shows the wedding photos to her folks in Japan. Also a cheerful traditional tea ceremony to end the morning’s activity made it all so awesome.

Here are some sneak peeks to their first part of their Singapore’s wedding.

TOP Photography Team

Let’s do the limbo rock!

One of the challenging stunt that grooms and groomsmen have to face during gatecrash sessions sometimes.

While some see an imminent futile attempt and decided to cheat or bash their way through, others still give it a try.

Our advice is, no harm trying and do it in style. You might just entertain and impress everyone. :)

TOP Photography Team

A Teacher’s Wedding

We have this impression that many lady teachers of our days like to put their hands on their waists when to show the class that they are meaning business. We wonder if it still is today. Maybe this image of the bride (also a teacher) can answer that.

* This photo was taken before the 2nd march when there was a quick discussion among the folks.

TOP Photography Team

Why wear the wedding ring on the 4th finger?

We have some couples asking us why they should wear their wedding ring on the forth finger. Honestly, we didn’t know the answer till we come across this short clip. How enlightening. :)

TOP Photography Team

Let’s put our hands together for the bride and groom!

After several rounds of ‘tests’, it is proven that the days of clear march-in aisles during church weddings and wedding banquets are gone with the introduction of cheap digital photography.

Consider putting your hands together to welcome and encourage the couple instead? Leave the photography to us.

This not only allow us as the official photographers to get the best shots with lesser obstructions, it also helps to create a more appealing background (without non official photographers) shooting directly opposite the frame.

We always feel that great memories of the couples are best remembered when everyone are there to give their heartfelt blessings instead of holding up the camera for most parts of the celebration.

We tend to be as unobstrusive as possible while covering the ceremonies so as to provide minimum distraction to the couple and the guests. By having more unofficial photographers hovering around the couple during ceremonies, it not only distract the couple, they might be blocking the views of other guests who are eager to view the ceremony from their seats.

So give it a thought the next time you decide to go around taking pictures during a ceremony.

TOP Photography Team

Skip Gangnam Style during Gate-Crashing

Been a long time since we last saw the guys having to do this for their wedding day gatecrashing session.  Skip Gangnam Style and use this instead, ladies? We are having Gangnam style for almost every weddings nowadays and most of the guys are expecting it as well.  -_-”


TOP Photography Team

Popcorn Station at Wedding Reception

We all love popcorns.  Here, we were expecting the kids to visit the popcorn bar during the wedding reception but we were wrong.

With all due professionalism, we tried a handful of these popcorns and they really tasted great!  A good sweet treat after working real hard in the day at Hotel Intercontinental Singapore.

Popcorn booth at wedding reception




Moments in Wedding Day Photography?

“Moments”.  A very common term used by photographers (both journalistic and traditional) all round the world.

Here in this simple article, we hope to set you thinking about what you consider as moments that matters to you on your wedding day.

First of all, give yourself a few minutes to think about your perception of moments in wedding day photography.  If that sounds too technical, try thinking about what you would like your wedding day photos to show.  *Tick tock tick tock…take your time and don’t read on till you are done with this part*

Next think about how these photographed moments will piece together and how it will let you recall the memories of your wedding day.

Does it help you recall the time when your parents come peeping into your room when you were being dolled up by your makeup artist?  Does it help you recall how you actually felt when you finally get to see each other through the opened door after the gatecrash session?   Does it help you recall the spontaneous hug that your parents gave you that day even though they have never shown their emotional side all these years?  Does it help you recall how your bridesmaids flock in spontaneously to help you with your wedding gown when you needed them around?

Now picture yourself in the photos of these scenes.  Would you like to recall them as genuine moments of your loved ones coming to you in the most sincere manner?  Or would you like to recall the memories of your photographer directing you and your loved ones to enact the scenes to get each of the great shots?

We shall leave you to draw your conclusions and views from here, but we do hope it sets you in looking beyond the aesthetics in wedding day photography and towards looking into the meaning of it all again.

Article by TOP Photography Team –

Actual Day Wedding of Stephen & Sharon

We had a great time covering Stephen & Sharon wedding at Orchard Hotel. In actual fact, this was their 3rd leg of their wedding marathon celebration. They had their church wedding done in Australia, followed by a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in Singapore (just a day before their actual day wedding). Sharon is an awesome dancer based in Australia and she got to know Stephen as anyone could have guess it, is a student of hers. Sharon’s dad, Pakir Singh is a humorous guy. Whenever he speaks, you can hear laughters and smiles. During the speech by Sharon’s mum, she mentioned that Pakir Singh dotes on Sharon alot. Personally, I can feel and see it as his eyes welled with tears during the tea-ceremony as he looked at Sharon.

Now here are a couple of images to share from this wonderful wedding. Expect more to come soon in our facebook page.

Our heartfelt wishes of bliss to you, Stephen & Sharon!!!

TOP Photography Team