Entering the groom’s house 过门 (Guo Men)

After getting off the bridal car, the bride needs to be shield again by the red umbrella to get to the groom’s house. The red umbrella can be held by either the matchmaker or one of the sisters.
When the couple enters the house, the groom’s family members will have to stay away in another room. This gesture is believed to prevent any clash between the bride and her new family members in the future.
Upon entering the house, the couple will pray to the heaven, earth and ancestors before proceeding to their bridal room. The groom’s family members can come out of the room once the couple enters the bridal room.
In their bridal room, the couple will be served a ‘sweet soup’ (usually with longans, red dates, lotus seeds, hard-boiled egg and/or rice ball), or ‘mee sua’ (rice noodle) in their room. The sweet soup with the auspicious ingredients symbolises a sweet and harmonious marriage while the mee sua symbolises longevity.
The tea ceremony will commence right after. At the tea ceremony, the couple will serve sweet longan tea to their elders. The couple will receive red packets and gifts from them after serving the tea. The juniors to the couple may serve tea to the couple as well.
After the tea ceremony, a young boy can be asked to jump and roll on the couple’s bed. This is to bless the couple with many children.
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