Leaving the Bride’s House 出阁 (Chu Ge)

This process marks the beginning of the new journey for the bride.
When the bride left her family’s house, she will need to be shield with a red umbrella. Usually, the umbrella will be held by the matchmaker, bridesmaid or the bride’s father .This is to ward off any elements that can cause bad luck along the way. The matchmaker or the bridesmaid will throw rice grains and/or red beans while on the way to the bridal car for good luck.
Once the couple has settled into the bridal car, the bride will throw a foldable fan out from the car when they are ready to set off. This symbolises the bride throwing her past behind to move on to a new phase of life. Anyone within her family can pick up the fan.
Traditionally, the journey to the new place will be accompanied by single ladies only. The brothers of the bride are not supposed to follow along either.
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