Returning to bride’s home 三朝回门 (San Chao Hui Men)

The couple will prepare to head back to the bride’s home after the tea ceremony and the bride is to change to a different dress for the return. Traditionally this was done 3 days after the wedding day but nowadays most couples do it on the same day. They are to bring along a suckling pig and oranges as gifts to the bride’s home.
Back at the bride’s place, the couple will serve tea to the elders of her family like they did at the groom’s. After the ceremony, family members will divide the suckling pig to 3 portions (head, tail, middle). The middle portion will be kept for the bride’s family while the head and the tail portion will be returned to the groom’s family. A piece of red paper or cloth will be used to wrap the cut section of the suckling pic before it is being brought back to the groom’s family.
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