Engagement Photography

Fancy for something lighter than a full day pre-wedding?
Engagement shoots tend to only take up an hour or two and we love to do it in a casual manner. We avoid being overly fanciful or sophisticated and we want to just focus on the love and your little antics with your loved one.
You might like this short session to complement your formal pre-wedding shoot with some light hearted images. Otherwise, this short casual shoot stands well on its own as the primary pre-wedding photography session as well.
Depending on your preference, you might wish to go in casual attires or a simple gown and suit. Keep it light and comfy as we would really like you to be yourselves as much as possible.
Where should we go for the engagement shoot at, you may ask? We would suggest a location which holds special meanings for the both of you. Otherwise, a park, beach, an alley or even your home can be great spots to head to.
Sounds interesting? Check out some of our work on engagement and casual shoots.
Engagement Photography Gallery 1
Engagement Photography Gallery 2
Engagement Photography Gallery 3
At TOP Photography, we do not just settle for beautiful images, we want them to reflect your personalities. So hang out, chill out and goof about during the shoot and let our photographers capture these little moments between both of you.

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