Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography

Whether you are getting adventurous to want your pre-wedding photography to be done overseas, or an oversea location holds great sentimental to you, overseas pre-wedding photography can be an exciting option.
Being overseas, you can expect a different environment which is likely to form the backdrop of most of your shots. These differences often help to create different dimensions and photography opportunities. From scenic New Zealand to cosmopolitan Tokyo and to romantic Paris or even somewhere less ventured, we are more than keen to explore these locations for your pre-wedding photography.
You can also expect you mood to be more lighthearted as being overseas, you tend to forget about the hustle and bustle of work and commitments back home. Being that, we are able to capture you in the mood of fun and love much better. We at TOP Photography are very particular with your moods during the shoot. Therefore, if you are not happy, we aren’t as well.
So share with us your preferred destination, pack our bags and off shooting we go!
Click on the link to view Overseas Pre-wedding Portfolio.

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