After you have said ‘Yes’ to spend the rest of your lives together, you are likely to begin envisioning your own wedding next. Having a pre-wedding photography session with your loved one is definitely something you will look forward to as this could be the first time that both of you are having your photos taken professionally…and in your gowns and suits.
Pre-wedding Photography, Bridal Photography or Engagement Photography often aims to portray the love and beauty of both of you at the stage of your lives before your actual wedding day.
Planning the concepts and locations for your pre-wedding photography are of utmost importance as these determine your search for the right gowns to wear for the shoot, makeup and hairdo stylists and photographers. The concepts for your pre-wedding photography can go anywhere along the line from traditional, glamour to casual.
At TOP Photography, we strongly believe that your pre-wedding photography should also include a touch of your personalities. Just because of that we do not believe in going to the most exotic locations for shoots (unless strongly requested). The comfort of your home own might even be the most ideal location that you are looking for!
We are more than keen to explore pre-wedding ideas with you long before the shoots so that we are able to plan to create images that not only look great, they show your personalities!
Still not convinced? Take a look at our portfolios to see what we meant.

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