Actual Day Wedding of Disheng & Kumiko Video Highlight

We love inter-national weddings as it is always a delight to work with people of different cultures. Therefore, we were extremely delighted when Disheng (who is a local) and Kumiko (who is a Japanese) decided to engage us as their wedding photographers.

We actually found them to be very reserved on our first meeting but well, I guess we can never judge on first impression. They are actually very fun and creative people.

We were also rather blessed with having a nice start for their wedding day shoot in Swissotel Hotel. There wasn’t a huge fanfare at first but as their friends and relatives arrived, we began to feel the great sense of joy and blessings from them to the wedding couple.

The challenge for us came when they conducted their preparations and gatecrashing games in 2 different levels in the hotel. That is when having 2 photographers comes in really really handy. Else we would have missed out lots of great moments.

The day went on lightheartedly from start to end and it’s almost impossible for us not to soak into the happy atmosphere with them.

So here is a bumper version of a slideshow made specially for them. We hope you can also feel the mood of their wedding day with these images that we are proud of photographing.

We wish them all the very best for their 2nd leg of their wedding celebration in Japan in the next few weeks.

Actual Wedding Day Photography of Disheng and Kumiko from Top Photography on Vimeo.

TOP Photography Team

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