Actual Day Wedding of Stephen & Sharon

We had a great time covering Stephen & Sharon wedding at Orchard Hotel. In actual fact, this was their 3rd leg of their wedding marathon celebration. They had their church wedding done in Australia, followed by a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in Singapore (just a day before their actual day wedding). Sharon is an awesome dancer based in Australia and she got to know Stephen as anyone could have guess it, is a student of hers. Sharon’s dad, Pakir Singh is a humorous guy. Whenever he speaks, you can hear laughters and smiles. During the speech by Sharon’s mum, she mentioned that Pakir Singh dotes on Sharon alot. Personally, I can feel and see it as his eyes welled with tears during the tea-ceremony as he looked at Sharon.

Now here are a couple of images to share from this wonderful wedding. Expect more to come soon in our facebook page.

Our heartfelt wishes of bliss to you, Stephen & Sharon!!!

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