Wedding Traditions for Hakka and Cantonese

The Hakka and Cantonese share many wedding traditions. It is probably because the majority of Hakka people lives in Guang Dong area and are neighbors with the Cantonese. Even though Chinese wedding customs are more or less the same among the different dialect groups, each of them has unique details that belong to that specific dialect group.

Wedding Traditions
Betrothal Gift Ceremony 过大礼 (Guo Da Li)
Setting up Matrimonial Bed 安床 (An Chuang)
Hair Combing Ritual 上头 (Shang Tou)
Fetching the Bride 接新娘 (Jie Xin Niang)
Leaving the Bride’s House 出阁 (Chu Ge)
Entering the groom’s house 过门 (Guo Men)
Returning to bride’s home 三朝回门 (San Chao Hui Men)