Entering the groom’s house 过门 (Guo Men) for Teochew and Hokkien

Once out of the bridal car, the bride will need to be sheltered by the red umbrella to the groom’s house. A sister or the matchmaker could help to hold the umbrella.
The groom’s family will not receive the couple at the door. Rather, they will avoid seeing them entering the house. They will only receive the wedding couple when the couple enter the bridal room. This is to prevent any future clashes between the bride and her new family members.
After the couple enters the house, they have to pray to the ancestors then enter the bridal room. They will be served a ‘sweet soup’ (usually with longans, red dates, lotus seeds, hard-boiled egg and/or rice ball), or ‘mee sua’ (rice noodle) in their room. The sweet soup is cooked with ingredients that symbolises a blissful marriage, the mee sua symbolises longevity.
After the short rest at the bridal chamber, the tea ceremony will commence. A sweet tea made with lotus seed, longans and red dates will be served in the tea set given during the betrothal gift exchange. The matchmaker or female relative could help with the pouring of the tea and rinsing of the tea cups. With the elders seated, the couple will address the elder accordingly and serve them tea. After the elder drank the tea, he/she will respond with well wishes and give an Ang Bao or gift to the couple. Note the bride is to be at the right side of the groom. For juniors like younger siblings, they could serve tea to the couple and get an angbao in return
After the tea ceremony, children are asked to jump and roll on the couple’s bed (压床). This is to bless the couple with children that are healthy.
Above information courtesy of House of Etiquette
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