Fetching the Bride 迎亲 (Ying Qin) for Teochew and Hokkien

Another well known Teochew wedding tradition is that the groom fetches the bride before day break. They believe by doing so they could avoid any negative element that might harm the couple.
On the wedding day, the groom pray to his ancestor at his place, put on his wedding suit and prepare the gifts and the bouquet of flower to bring over to the bride’s. He will meet up with his ‘brothers’ , usually an even number of male friends and relatives, and set off to fetch the bride
On the bride’s side, the sisters, female friends or relatives of the bride’s, preferably in even number too, will arrive early at the bride’ place to prepare the gatecrash. The sisters need to plan their activities accordingly if the wedding couple is following auspicious timing. Before getting dress up for the wedding, the bride is supposed to have breakfast with her whole family to bid farewell. After the make-up and dressing up, her parents will put on the wedding veil for her and wait for the groom to arrive.
For Teochews and Hokkiens, the items to bring over as gifts to Bride’s family are: IMG_9763
• Place on a big red tray:
➢ 1 Ang Bao
➢ Even number cans of Pig trotters
➢ Dried lily bulb
➢ Lotus Seed
➢ Dried Longan
• 18 Mandarin Oranges
• 1 bottle of rice wine
• 2 bottles of Wine
When arrived, the groom must wait in the car for a younger male member of the bride’s family to open his car door. After the car door is open, the groom is to give an Ang Bao for the effort and in return he will receive two mandarin oranges as good luck, and leave them in the car.
The groom and his brothers will be stopped at the door by the sisters. Quests will be given to them to complete and In order to gain entry, the groom and his brothers will have to complete the quests set by the sisters and negotiate with the sisters for the price of their Door Opening Ang Bao (开门红包). They will only be allowed in if the sisters are satisfied. Note that some very traditional Teochew family consider haggling on the Ang Bao rude, so might object to the gate crash activities. The father of the bride will lead her daughter out to the living area to give her away to the groom instead.
Once in the bride’s maiden room, he will lift the veil of the bride and present the bouquet of flower to her. When they are out of the room, they proceed to the altar and pray to heaven and earth, as well as their ancestors. Before leaving for the groom’s place, the couple will bow to the bride’s parents to thank them.
Above information courtesy of House of Etiquette
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