Leaving the Bride’s House 出阁 (Chu Ge) for Teochew and Hokkien

IMG_9793 The bride will need to be sheltered with a red umbrella once out in the open. This is to ward off any negative elements. For Teochews and Hokkiens, they prefer the father of the bride or a male elder to hold the umbrella. On the way to the sedan, the match maker or sister will throw rice grains and or, red beans for good luck.
In the bridal car, the bride is to throw a foldable fan out of the bridal car’s window to symbolised that all negative part of her past will be left behind and moving on with a fresh start. The fan could be picked by anyone from her family.
Traditionally, only single ladies could follow the wedding couple to the groom’s place.
Above information courtesy of House of Etiquette
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