Setting up Matrimonial Bed 安床 (An Chuang) for Teochew and Hokkien

In the olden days, consulting the almanac for the best date and time for an important event is a way of life for the Chinese. Decorating and setting up the nuptial bed is definitely one of those important events as it concern the future of the family.  The modern Chinese are more relax about following the auspicious timing though, as it is difficult to adhere to in modern times. The ritual is usually held 3 days before the wedding. For Teochews and Hokkiens, the setting up is preferably performed by the groom’s parents or grandparents and the rest of the family could join in the ceremony.
The ritual starts with changing the bed linen into a new one of auspicious colour (red/pink/lavender). Next, items brought over from the betrothal gift ceremony, along with other special items are placed on the bed. Lastly the bed is to be moved slightly .With everything is in place, everyone will have to chant phrases that bless the couple with a happy marriage and life together.
The chant after making the bed and placing the items:
百年好合 ( Blissful Marriage)
早生贵子( Bless with Off springs )
白头偕老 ( To grow old together)
永浴爱河 ( Forever in Love)
After the ceremony, no one should touch the bed until the couple has entered the bed chamber on their wedding day.
Items to set up the matrimonial bed: IMG_9778

  • To place on a big red plate:
    • Even number of Oranges
    • 2 Ang Baos
    • 1 packet of candy
    • All items from the Gift Box 礼金
    • –   Dried Longan
      –   Red date
      –   Lily bulbs
      –   Walnut Peanut
      –   Lotus Seeds,
      –   Dried Tangerine,
      –   Pine Tree Leaf
      –   Dried Melon Slice

    • Fate Coins 大缘小缘 (From Dowry. To place at 4 corners of bed, room, cupboards and drawers
    • Antique Chinese coin (Insert 2 coins top facing into Ang Baos, 1 coin per corner of the mattress and 1 coin under each pillow)

    Above information courtesy of House of Etiquette
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