Happy Fathers’ Day

It’s the day to commend the efforts of all fathers again.

We as wedding photographers get to meet the fathers of the different bride and grooms all the time. Some are quiet and solemn, often offering silent support to their child who is getting married. They come upon to help when needed and stay in the background in other times. Some are jovial and happy, lending the wedding day much joy and laughter.

Being Asians, I believe we are more apprehensive to express our emotions and gratitude to our elders. However, emotions tend to flow better on during the thank you speeches at wedding banquets. That is where we know a little more of the couples’ fathers and how they have played a big role in their lives. Tears and emotions may flow sometimes. It is also through wedding photography that we get to immortalize these moments which made our makes what we do much more valuable.

Though it should be this good every other day, but on this official Fathers’ Day, we would like to just give a shout out to all the daddies that you are a awesome in your own way.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

TOP Photography Team

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