Actual Day Wedding of Disheng & Kumiko

Finally, the mid year peak wedding period is here again. We kick started it with a wonderful morning at Swissotel shooting for Disheng and Kumiko’s first leg of their 2 part wedding in Singapore, with their next leg of wedding in Japan.

We got to know how they knew each other through their bosses who actually flew in from Tokyo and Sydney just to attend their celebration. It was a casual introduction that they made and they never knew Disheng and Kumiko’s relationship will go as far as marriage. Now talk about fate.

A rare late start at 8am is definitely a great treat for us and their super nice families and friends made it so much a great photography experience. An interesting gate crashing session (specially planned by the bride herself) sure brought quite a bit of laughter. A short outdoor photography session with their wedding entourage with our CBD skyline as a backdrop should add a nice Singaporean touch when she shows the wedding photos to her folks in Japan. Also a cheerful traditional tea ceremony to end the morning’s activity made it all so awesome.

Here are some sneak peeks to their first part of their Singapore’s wedding.

TOP Photography Team

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